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The Premise

R.A.K. stands for Random Acts of Kindness. 


This project shares photographs of ordinary people performing extraordinary acts of kindness. I believe these images can brighten our view of this world so wholly dominated by our divisions and a 24-hour news cycle bombarding us with negativity. I wholeheartedly believe that people are inherently good and that there are signs all around us to prove that point.

With this website, I wanted to create a space to share these random photos of the acts of kindness by strangers. After witnessing these acts, I always ask permission to post the photos to the site, and offer credit to those depicted if they want it. This project not only helps me become more comfortable shooting pictures but allows me to meet some of the most amazing and helpful people this world has to offer.

I want this site to grow, for more people to become involved, and for them to share their own pictures from their unique environments. The goal is to visually communicate that we are not as divided as many might have you believe, and to share the kindness of the world through photography.


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